About Me

Hi! I’m Mirza, nice to e-meet you. I'm a product strategist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I got my Bachelor degree in Computer Science from IPB University, Master degree in Agribusiness Management from IPB Business School dual degree with Maastricht School of Management focused on Sustainable Business Development, and to sharpen my entrepreneurial skill I took Entrepreneurship Executive Education from Harvard Business School.

I have 6 years experience in banking industry, especially in risk management, product management, transformation specialist, and business development with various line of business from micro banking to commercial banking. After depart from banking industry, I joined fintech startups as product leader until nowadays.

I love building and leading ever-growing teams, working on valuable products that help businesses and empower people. I'm also passionate about helping new ventures or startups build and grow their company through mentoring & hands on projects. I want to make an impact at scale by sharing my causes, knowledge, and experiences to the younger generation. Currently I'm also building my own startup that support my causes in giving impacts to others.

I enjoyed reading books, traveling, and music. I also a productive part time musician in band called DAI★SHI.

”The only constant is change. Through changes, we grow.”

Got a partnership idea, or a project you need help with? Shoot me a line and let's talk.

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